What are the requirements for supervised fieldwork?

The supervisor verifying your fieldwork will be required to do so using the online verification system acknowledging their credentials and checking off each of the requirements of supervised fieldwork. They will need to be in a position to verify 1 (one) hour of supervision for every 10 hours of independent supervised fieldwork.

Candidates may not start accumulating Supervised Independent Fieldwork until they have started completing approved coursework required to meet the QASP and ABA requirements.


Supervised Fieldwork must include the following areas: 

  1. Data Collection for assessments related to the need for behavioral intervention (e.g., stimulus preference assessment, functional assessment, staff performance assessment);
  2. Implementing, and systematically monitoring skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction programs through data collection;
  3. Other activities normally performed by a paraprofessional that are directly related to behavior analysis such as attending planning meetings regarding the behavior analytic program, and talking to individuals about the program.    


Fieldwork that does NOT qualify as supervised hours include:

  1. Attending meetings with little or no behavior-analytic content;
  2. Providing interventions that are not based in behavior analysis;
  3. Performing non-behavioral administrative activities; and completing non-behavioral assessments (e.g., diagnostic assessments, intellectual assessments),
  4. Paperwork, documentation, billing, or any other activities that are not directly related to behavior analysis      


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