Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

This Refund and Cancellation Policy is subject to change at any time. The published version at the time of the request will be the version used to determine your refund eligibility.

Requests for refunds must be made in writing and can be submitted to: info@Innovative-Learning.com. Requests must include the name provided at time of enrollment, a detailed account giving the reason the student wishes to withdraw, and why student feels a refund should be issued.

Basis upon which refunds are considered:

     a. ADMIN FEE: An administration fee of 10% of the full, undiscounted, program cost, will apply to all refunds. There are no exceptions.


          i. If a student has enrolled in a course, but not entered the course, and the period between enrollment and notification of withdrawal does not exceed 30 days from the enrollment date, a refund will be issued for the full amount of the course fee, less the Admin Fee.

          ii. If a student has entered the course (or series of courses), completed any amount of coursework, and the period between enrollment and notification of withdrawal does not exceed 30 days from the enrollment date, any refund due will be calculated based on the percentage of the course completed as of the last date of activity on the Learning Management System (LMS). This will only apply up to the point of 50% of the coursework being completed.

          iii. After fifty percent (50%) of coursework has been completed, irrespective of the amount of time passed, THE COMPANY'S obligation is considered complete and it may retain the full tuition.


          i. COURSE SERIES: If a series of courses, or a specific program, is paid for in advance, whether at full tuition, at a discounted tuition, or as part of a promotion, refund requests are accepted for consideration within 30 days of the date upon which tuition, or any part of tuition, is received by THE COMPANY.

          ii. PAYMENT PLANS: If tuition is being paid via a PAYMENT PLAN, then enrollment in all courses covered by the payment plan are subject to the same terms as if tuition is paid for in full and in advance. For these purposes, Tuition is considered to have been received by THE COMPANY upon signing of the payment plan agreement. Last Revision Date: July 2017


           i. If the period between enrollment and notification of withdrawal exceeds 30 days from the enrollment date, whether coursework has been started or not, an application for refund may still be submitted up until 90 days from enrollment date. However, THE COMPANY is under NO obligation to refund the tuition. Consideration will be given to the refund request, and the student will be notified within 30 days from the request for refund submission date as to the success of the application. Once a decision has been made and the student notified, all decisions are final and THE COMPANY will not enter into further discussion.

          ii. In cases of course series or program series paid for in advance, the maximum refund given after the 30 refund period will be 50% of any courses not entered, however there is no refund guaranteed in this case.

          iii. Under the terms of having entered into a PAYMENT PLAN agreement, all decisions regarding refunds or forgiving of agreed payments, are at the sole discretion of THE COMPANY and decisions regarding such are final and discussion will not be entered into.


           i. There will be no refunds granted on any course or series of courses or examinations at any time following 90 days from enrollment date.


           i. Once a request is submitted, THE COMPANY has up to 30 days from the date the request is received to determine if a refund will be issued and the amount that will refunded.

           ii. The Date of Determination is the date upon which the student receives notice of the outcome of the refund request.

           iii. Refunds will typically be paid within forty-five (45) calendar days of the Date of Determination.


           i. Any refund paid by THE COMPANY will only be issued to the party who made payment to THE COMPANY, even if payment was made on behalf of the student.


           i. TECHNICAL ISSUES: Refunds are not available for students who have experienced technical issues. Although we work hard to do everything possible to avoid issues, many aspects of the technology fall outside of our control such as hosting and server functionality.

           ii. FAILURE TO USE COUPON CODES: Refunds will not be available for failure by user to use coupon codes. Students that either forget to enter a coupon code, or receive said coupon code after the course has been paid for, are no longer eligible for the discount related to that code.

           iii. UNAUTHORIZED CODE USE: Refunds will not be given to anyone who utilizes a coupon code not belonging to them, their employer, or without exclusive permission from THE COMPANY.


           i. If an employer contacts us and pays for a course for a student, either in part or in full, a coupon code will be issued to the employer to give to the student. Said coupon code will allow the student entry into the course at either no cost, or at a reduced cost, depending on how much was paid by the employer. If the student enters the course, neglects to enter the coupon code, and pays full price for the course, there is no refund available to either party. If the employer does not receive the code, or in error, does not give it to the student for use, and the student pays for the course in full, THE COMPANY will grant a credit to the employer for the amount that was overpaid, which can be applied towards another seat in any course in its catalog. The issue of duplicate payment is then between the student and their employer, and THE COMPANY will not be involved. Last Revision Date: July 2017


           i. Because we must contract with a fieldwork provider for this type of program, we cannot refund any fees paid for Independent Fieldwork courses under any circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, BCBA Accelerated Independent Fieldwork, Supervision, and Practicum’s.


     1. Eligibility: Some courses and programs require a student to agree that they meet pre-defined eligibility criteria to gain entry. Should a student agree to said terms, but it is subsequently found that, for any reason, eligibility criteria cannot be verified (see sections 7 & 8), then the student will be informed and the enrollment will be cancelled.

     2. Recommendations and Fieldwork Verification: Some courses and programs require a student receive Recommendations and Fieldwork Verification from people who are in supervisory positions of the student. Recommendations may verify that the student meets certain pre-defined standards considered preferable for people wanting to complete the course or program. Fieldwork Verification requires that the person can verify the student meets certain pre-defined practical experience related to the study topic.

     3. A student can begin coursework prior to Recommendations and Fieldwork Verification being complete. Should recommendations and verification of fieldwork subsequently be unable to be verified, then the enrollment may be cancelled.

     4. If a student’ enrollment is cancelled and they have completed less than 50% of the coursework, a $200 fee will apply and will be deducted from a refund due. Where the course or program cost is less than $200, then no refund will be made. If a student’s enrollment is cancelled, and they have completed 50% or more of the coursework, there is no refund available. Exceptions and variations to this fee are entirely at the discretion of THE COMPANY and will be determined on a case by case basis. 



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