Why might my recommendation or fieldwork verification not be approved?

The reasons a recommendation or fieldwork verification may not be approved**, or rejected by the system, are as follows:

** All recommendations and fieldwork verifications are manually reviewed by the Director of Programs and Credential Analyst at Project Optimal**


  • Your recommender does not hold an approved position (for example, fellow teachers, Department Chair, DIS)
  • Your recommender has not selected the required criteria

Fieldwork Verification

  • Your Verifier does not hold an approved position (for example, fellow teachers, Department Chair, DIS)
  • The position held by the Fieldwork Verifier cannot be verified 
  • You do not meet the fieldwork criteria
  • For ECSE, your Verifier must meet the required criteria in order to complete your fieldwork check-off list. This information is described in the fieldwork verification area
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