I am a Californian teacher. Who can recommend me?

Participants must electronically submit the names and email addresses of two (2) individuals who are district employees and in an evaluator role, of the participant, during the application process.

PLEASE NOTE: Arranging for completion of recommendations is solely the responsibility of the participant.

In order to be accepted, the person making the recommendation or verifying fieldwork must be one of the following:

  1. Principal
  2. Assistant Principal/Vice Principal
  3. APEIS
  4. Program Specialists
  5. Behavioral  Anaylist/Therapists/Specialists
  6. SPED Director
  7. HR Director
  8. Assistant Superintendents
  9. Superintendents
  10. Special Education Coordinator
  11. Director Pupil Services
  12. BTSA
  13. Special Ed Administrator (not secretary)
  14. Bridge Coordinator
  15. Coordinator Special Education
  16. Director of Alternative Education
  17. Practicum Supervisor
  18. Director of Special Services
  19. Categorical  Administrator
  20. Behavior Modification Manager/Specialist
  21. HR Technician/Credential Analyst (Field Work only)
  22. Site Director/Assistant Site Director
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