My recommender or fieldwork verifier hasn't received the emailed instructions and link.

The system sends the email to people you have invited immediately the information is entered. Although we cannot fix the issue as the problem is not connected with our system, you can try the following to resolve the problem:

An incorrect email address has been entered

  • Check the email address with the person you are sending the request to

  • Be sure to enter the email address EXACTLY as provided

  • See below for examples of the most common typographical mistakes
  • If you used "copy and paste" to enter the email address, check that there is not a "space" before or following the address and that you have copied the entire address.

The email may have been sent to the recipients spam or trash folder.            

  • Contact the person and ask them to check their email spam folder

The email may have been blocked by their, or their organizations, email provider or network firewall.        

  • Contact your system administrator or the company who manages your email or network. If you are using a web based email provider, you may need to research their spam filter information online or contact them for assistance.


Examples of the most common mistakes made when entering email addresses

  • Incorrect format: some organisations follow a particular format for email addresses. If you have the persons name you may also need to check the format for email addresses to ensure you enter it correctly
  • "www" placed in front of an email address
  • A comma is used in place of a period
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Placing a "." (period) at the end of the email address
  • Placing a "space" before, within or following an email address. Email addresses will NEVER contain a "space"
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