What are the required courses?

The Project Optimal™ Autism Spectrum Disorders Program is an online self
study program made up of 19 topic areas and equivalent to 120 hours of face to face

training. Candidates will learn about and understand Autism Spectrum Disorders.
In addition they will be able to conduct a Functional Behavioral Assessment and
then develop, implement, and monitor a Positive Behavioral Intervention Plan using
person-centered approaches. Using Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior
Supports, candidates will be able to apply specific support strategies such as Discrete
Trial Teaching, Pivotal Response training and create optimal learning environments
for the students they teach.
As a candidate moves through the program these competencies are presented
and then tested, building upon one another to ensure a solid foundation in the
understanding and application of the specific support and teaching strategies for
children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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