What is the final deadline to complete courses for the AASE?

There is no deadline to obtain an AASE. Individuals are required to hold the authorization if providing the services.

A teacher holds an Education Specialist Credential in mild/moderate disabilities and needs an added authorization. Can we apply for a Special Education Limited Assignment Permit (SELAP) while an individual is earning an AASE? Or do we need to apply for a Short-Term Staff Permit (STSP), a Variable Term Waiver, or place the individual on a local teaching assignment option?

If the applicant has met the requirements for the SELAP, it is the recommended choice. If the individual does not meet the SELAP requirements, the employer will need to determine if they should apply for the Waiver or the STSP. Local education assignment options for autism continue to be available for a few more years if the individual meets the criteria.

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